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  Ng Wing Hong Laboratory for Sustainable City
  This Laboratory aims to create a high-level laboratory providing information technology infrastructure for examining the sustainable development of Hong Kong at the building and city level. The Laboratory facilitates the archival, processing and retrival of databases and information in mutlimedia formats. It operates at the highest international standards and is recognised as an international leader in the fields, which enables it to take advantage of the new technologies that support its contribution to knowledge. It seeks to partner with others within the university and in the external environment (including industry and other universities) to address the complex issues faced in the built environment.
  Opening Hours:
  Monday to Friday: 9:00 - 17:30
  Saturday: Closed (Unless special events )
  Sunday & Public Holidays: Closed
  Location: ZS701
  Tel: 3400 8160 (Dr. Orianna GUO)
  Email: (Dr. Orianna GUO) orianna.guo@polyu.edu.hk
  Website: http://www.bre.polyu.edu.hk/scl

and for the SCL Booking Calendar link is: Click Here


Description for the SCL booking:


Welcome to use the Sustainable City Lab (SCL) on any teaching or research purpose.

Any staff or research student who wants to make a booking would send an email to Dr. Orianna GUO at least two days in advance through her email, and then she will announce the activity into this Calendar. Besides, you could check the detailed booking information by left click on the booking title. However, in order to keep the record, you could not make any modifications on this Calendar.

  Research Centre for Construction and Real Estate Economics (RCCREE)

The research work and consultancy services of the Department of Building and Real Estate (BRE), Faculty of Construction and Enviroment, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University are mainly organized through the Research Centre for Construction and Real Estate Economics (RCCREE) and the Research Centre for Construction Innovation. Since 2000, RCCREE has been supporting the advancement of the construction and real estate industries in Hong Kong and the China Mainland. Our expertise includes land and construction economics, construction safety, real estate economics and housing. We have more than 30 members, who are academics from BRE as well as local and overseas universities, and continuously explore our knowledge by undertaking cutting-edge and multi-disciplinary research at local and international levels. Moreover, surveyors, lawyers, architects, engineers, town planners and builders from industries are active participants of RCCREE who serve to bridge our research outputs and industrial needs

Organized by RCCREE, 20th AsiaConstruct Conference was a great success in November 2014



  Research Centre for Construction Innovation (RCCI)
  The construction industry is dominant among Hong Kong industries, contributing about 23.5% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Therefore, even a small improvement in this industry will significantly benefit the economy of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR). The Research Centre for Construction
Innovation (RCCI) is committed to the research and development in construction innovation. It is operating within the Department of Building and Real Estate (BRE) at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HK PolyU). RCCI is enthusiastically supported (in cash and kind) by the HKSAR Government, industry, and other sources.
BRE of HK PolyU has developed research programmes and consultancy capacities in construction innovation. RCCI has recently been established to create and apply new knowledge and advanced understanding of construction innovation, including information technology (IT) systems to provide new solutions that improve construction processes. The mission of RCCI is to act as a focal point for addressing the construction industry’s research and consultancy needs as well as providing specialists who will bring about a step change in the industry practice. We take pride in our very close links with industry and welcome enquiries from all areas of the construction and related industry sectors. The members of RCCI are made up of academics and researchers with practical experience in construction
industry. Recently, RCCI has applied the Virtual Prototyping Technology to construction process simulation and optimization. Other leading research areas include: Contractual & Regulatory Innovations, Value Management in Construction, and Project Management. The members of RCCI have developed a
strong research profile to lead construction innovation...more...


  Construction Virtual Prototyping Laboratory (CVP)
  Construction planning is a complicated process that involves deciding what, when and where to deploy resources in a changing site environment. The traditional construction planning tools like Gantt chart and PERT chart help contractors to plan logical sequence of the many different activities in a very limited way. Based on the simple bar chart or network representations, contractors are very difficult to evaluate the feasibility of their construction plan. Contractors demand a tool to visualize their plan and to allow them to try different construction method so that they can produce a feasible construction plan with optimal use of resources and shortest construction time. The Delmia software from Dassault Systemes is likely to be a possible solution for contractors...more...
  Opening Hours:
  Monday to Friday: 09:00am – 17:00pm
  Saturday: 09:00am – 12:00pm
  Sunday & Public Holidays: Closed
  Location: ZN1002-3 (Lab. & office) ZS1103 (CVP Workshop)
  Tel: 2766 5803 (Mr YANG Xintao)
  Email: (Mr YANG Xintao) xintao.yang@polyu.edu.hk
  Website: http://www.bre.polyu.edu.hk/cvplab/


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